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So, how does it work? VanneBjorn Creative is a team of creative individuals specializing in all stages of product production and manufacturing. We have great attention to detail and focus on your product’s success and quality. We care about what we make and how we make it. We focus on making the best product possible, not just the fastest or the cheapest. We value you our work, and we seek clients who feel likewise. The relationship we will build is a foundation for your product’s success.

There are various formats for how the relationship can be structured. The different outcomes you are hoping to achieve create different tiers and percentages of design, development, and production required. Each of these subsets of our services are billed differently. If you are unsure of where your product currently falls on this spectrum and would like more information, please fill out our “Contact Us” form and we can discuss it together.

If you are looking for design expertise that covers work from the ideation stage, through iteration and prototypes, and ends with a proof of concept, test sample, that is our bread and butter. We love the nitty gritty of those puzzles to solve! Yes, please! This work is usually between 15 and 20 billable hours per basic project, depending upon complexity and level of detail defined at the start of the project. This process can include digital output as well as physical sewn prototypes. Our house design rate is $75/hr.

Our production pricing is usually quoted by piece, which is calculated based on the time spent per piece. As volume goes up, time per piece often goes down, as we implement volume efficiencies. It is important to us to pay a living wage to our staff, all of whom are highly skilled and incredibly knowledgeable about production efficiencies and outputs. Our production rate is $40/hr. This is heavily resultant of our low production minimums. Larger volumes can potentially be quoted accordingly, as the economy of scale can benefit you, the client, as well as us. We can also help with your production management needs at extremely large volume with large factories either domestically or internationally. We provide the interfacing, communication, detail management, and product development necessary to get the products landed at your door. For projects of this scale, please contact us for more information. For sample only production, we charge $50/hr, and the total time required is dependent upon complexity and level of development.

If you’re looking for something in between, that’s where the product development comes in. We are experienced and adept at pattern drafting, grading, and fitting, along with sample production (fit samples, final samples, production samples, jump samples, and more). We can dial in all of your product’s technical information that matters a whole lot to the factory, but may be too far in the weeds for the general design. As much clarity as we can define early on, the more accurate and predictable your production will be. These details can include, but are not limited to, stitch length, thread type, stitch type, material type, material treatments, trims, parts, colorways, hangtags, packaging, folding, labeling, and more. We can build professional tech packs with all of that included. Product development is charged at $75/hr. The best place to start for product development is to fill our out “Contact Us” form with as much information as you have now and as much detail about where you would like to go. From there we can schedule a meeting either in person, or digitally, to discuss further.

Please reach out and contact us if you are interested in working with us! We look forward to the opportunity to help your vision come to life.