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Product Design

The idea of a product is just the beginning. We can help you take an idea, whether that is a sketch on a napkin, or a formulated plan, and help mold it into something feasible and practical to sew. The drawings and mockups help to clarify the idea, and prototypes start to prove whether it will work. Even if you have no idea how to sew, we can help. Or, you may have a fully formed idea and a prototype in hand, however, we can help to refine and evaluate your design to make sure it is functional and efficient to manufacture. Often, what initially is the first design can cost lots of money and material later on. We want your product to be beautiful, but still possible.

Product Development

We love getting into all the details and minutia of what makes your product figuratively tick! From what material is used, what trims, colors, finishes, and sewing thread to stitch length, linings, sizing, pattern details, technical schematics, and CAD renderings, we love it all. Once the idea is “proven”, the development stage covers everything it takes to get it ready to manufacture. We cover and consider each detail. The more that is measured and marked and decided upon in this stage, the smoother the manufacturing process will be. Spending the right amount of time in this stage can save you months of time and money down the road.

Production & Manufacturing

Whether you need one perfect production sample ready to send to a factory for exact replication, or you need a small sample run in house, we are here to help with a fleet of professional industrial machines. Lots of factories have MOQs (Minimum Order Quantities) that make it hard to get your product moving. Sometimes you need that small production run to apply for financing, or to test the market, or for a myriad of other reasons. We can provide a quote for nearly any quantity, no matter how small, and then help you scale up from there as your success grows. We can handle hundreds of units in house, and then partner with larger facilities to continue to scale up as needed. We manage all cutting, sewing, packaging, and more in house facilitiy in Northern Utah.


We can help with your production support anywhere in the world so you can focus your time on other parts of the business to keep it moving. We can interface with factories domestically or internationally to bridge the gap between placing the order and having the product in-hand. If your needs include order fulfillment and inventory management, reach out to us for an estimate! We are here to help your product move from your head to your customer’s hands and hearts.